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Today we are opening this site to help inform, educate, and share all stories, laws, and documents that affect your choice to vaccinate, delay, or refuse vaccines. Everyone has the right to decide what is best by for their children and families, give to us by our creator and enforced through the Constitution. With this site, we will help you to understand not only the debate as to why some are or are NOT vaccinating their children. Some stories that will be shared can be pretty heart-wrenching when discussing their babies becoming disabled or worse dying within hours of getting their scheduled vaccines. Although some people think that everyone should be vaccinated regardless of the circumstances, there are those who can not get a medical exemption because getting medical exemptions in some states require that the one injected having been so close to death. Never mind that they lived, their siblings still have to be put to the test of whether they will die from said vaccine.

We firmly believe that with the possibility of permanent disability or death that can and does sometimes happen with vaccines, all parents have the right to make an educated decision on whether they want to tempt fate or blindly trust that you are being told the whole story by the pharmaceutical companies and the government entities who benefit from you allowing said vaccines.

There is a vaccine court that most people don’t know about which was created in the 1980s so that vaccine manufacturers could no longer be sued by families when their children were injured or died. They are protected from any prosecution so who benefits from this court? All thing will be revealed in time. For now, please know we are working hard to protect your rights and to keep them from passing laws that force you to vaccinate not only your children, but to catch you up on all the vaccines that you missed out on since you became an adult. Including HPV, AIDS, cancer, measles, mumps, rubella boosters, etc, and the other 200+ vaccines that are currently in the works for you to be injected with.
Imagine a court telling you that you had to have any medical procedure even if the possibility of you dying was there and you truly did not want to have it. The day that vaccines are mandated is the day you lose your right to refuse to be sterilized, castrated, circumcised, FGM, or any other horrific procedure they deem warranted.

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Disclaimer: Information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or legal advice


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