Where is the push for vaccines really coming from?

There are several states right now who are trying to pass laws that will enable someone to come into your house after you have a new baby, regardless of how many you already have, or if you adopt a child. I know for sure Oregon and Washington state have been trying. Do you wonder exactly why they are doing this? Well, here you go…it is part of the UN agenda 2030 and HealthyPeople 2020 agenda. This is a direct quote from Healthy People 2020 website…” Vaccination Programs: Home Visits to Increase Vaccination Rates
Description of Resource:
The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends home visits to increase vaccination rates. The Task Force notes, however, the economic evidence showing that home visits can be resource intensive and costly relative to other options for increasing vaccination rates. Evidence included studies of home visits delivered to all clients or to those unresponsive to other interventions, home visits focused on vaccination alone or in combination with other health concerns, and home visits that provided vaccinations on site or referred clients to vaccination services outside the home. In these programs, home visitors assess clients’ vaccination status, discuss the importance of recommended vaccinations, and either provide vaccinations to clients in their homes or refer them to available immunization services. Home visits may be conducted by vaccination providers (e.g., nurses) or others (e.g., social workers, community health workers).”

Now do you understand, they are using that time when you would be most vulnerable, tired, and usually without a support system in the house when they arrive in order to trick you into submitting to all vaccines as part of their agenda. They are also behind the idea to get vaccines allowed in the public school systems. They want children as young as 14 to make that life and death decision while they are at school away from parental control. Some schools already have clinics within their school system where they not only do vaccines, but allow children as young as 12 to have IUDs put in without parental consent. That is the second link.
Not only that, did you know that the IIS systems that every state uses to track the vaccine status of you and your children is also part of the program. This way they would know who to pressure more and who is not in compliance with their wishes. You can find that at the bottom link also from their site…

So you see all the changes they are working on so diligently right now, are coming from the same sources…the world organizations. The same ones that Bill Gates is part of and he once said that the only way to reduce the population was through the use of vaccines. he also took thousands of oral polio vaccines to India and gave it to those children, causing many of them to then get the very polio disease he was vaccinating against. When are people going to stand up to these world organizations and say, “NOT IN MY BACKYARD”?




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