One thing that truly bothers me…

  One thing that truly bothers me about this report is that I am so tired of people (those who are trying to silence parents) calling us ANTI-VAXX. Most of us are not anti-vaccine and would never suggest taking away any parents rights to choose to vaccinate their children if they want to. We are PRO-CHOICE. Most of us are parents who have dealt personally with the injuries and sometimes deaths of children just hours after they got their vaccines. The fact will always be that when you go the doctor’s office, they give you a one page printout that tells what the “most common” issues are such as swelling, pain, fever, etc. They don’t tell you that your children could die from SIDS (which is listed on some vaccines as an adverse effect), encephalitis, or other neurological disabilities. Therefore, you are not getting fully informed and cannot give “Informed Consent”. The laws need to change, the doctors need to start fully informing parents, they need to do away with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program so that the pharmaceutical companies are one again held liable, and the doctors themselves should be educated as most say they only got a short course of when certain vaccines were expected.

The idea that anyone can take away a right to make medical decisions for yourselves and your children should frighten you. It won’t stop at them forcing us to vaccinate, they have already made legal decisions for families forcing medical procedures against their will.

‘Broken’  (excerpt)

When she checks on one of her three living children sleeping, Krystle Cordingley will sometimes see not their faces, but the “grey and lifeless” face of her son Corbyn, whom she found dead in his bed 14 hours after a flu vaccination.

That was over five years ago.

“I’m broken. I am not suicidal or unable to function, but my heart will always be shattered. I will forever feel guilty for being the one that took my son in to be vaccinated, and I don’t know if I will ever get over the feeling that I killed him,” says Cordingley, who now dedicates her life to fighting against vaccination.

She recalls October 18, 2013, the last day of her 13 month-old son’s life, in perfect detail.

From the uncomprehending, tearful look he gave her after the flu shot, to the meal she prepared for him before her evening shift at the hospital – which she still keeps in her freezer, unable to throw it away – to how his dad peeked into his room, thought that his son was sleeping peacefully on his stomach and didn’t come closer.

Then, how when she returned home, and was preparing to nurse him, she noticed his chest was not moving, turned over his face, and screamed, aware straight away it was too late. Then, the vainly desperate attempts to revive him.

“Of all my years of emergency response training I never thought the first child I would use my emergency training on would be my own,” says Cordingley. “I still have flashbacks of the medical personnel cracking my child’s sternum to continue a more productive CPR, compressing his chest like he was a rag doll.” 

“They are trying to suppress the wrong group of people. Parents who have lost their children are the last group you want to silence. They will only get louder and fight harder,” says Cordingley.

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