Elimination of non-medical vaccine exemptions ranked top priority at Annual Leadership Forum

“AAP leaders have called for elimination of non-medical* exemptions to vaccination to be the top priority for the year, ranking it first among the top 10 resolutions during the Annual Leadership Forum (ALF).

“Given the measles outbreaks, prioritizing the elimination of non-medical vaccine exemptions is a timely undertaking,” said AAP President Kyle E. Yasuda, M.D., FAAP.

The resolution asks the Academy’s Board of Directors to advocate for the “development of a toolkit that highlights successful chapter strategies for the purpose of helping chapters work with their state legislatures to eliminate/reduce non-medical* exemptions that have allowed immunization refusals.”

Top 10 resolutions:

  1. Eliminating Non-medical* Exemptions to Vaccinating Children

Source: https://www.aappublications.org/news/2019/03/16

Look to http://bit.ly/2JhLDXI and the May issue of AAP News for more on the top 10 resolutions and the 2019 ALF. Copyright © 2019 American Academy of Pediatrics

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