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Dr. Paul Thomas who supports educating patients about vaccines and letting them choose which to get, not only said that the “Health Department” told him there has not been a single case of “community acquired” measles through this whole so called “outbreak”…this after a child presented in his clinic with the symptoms on measles and he wanted to send a sample to them for analysis. They also told him not to send the sample.

…has not been a single case of “community acquired” measles through this whole so called “outbreak ….

Which means the un-vacccinated or not completely vaccinated are not passing it around, it is coming from the vaccines themselves. This is a totally different strand of the measles and has to be treated differently than the wild measles. Not only that, but he did a study on his patients that he has been taking care of since they were born and found that those who were vaccinated had a higher rate of autism. People need to stop relying on so called news reports, the facts are not what the narrative is that is being pushed. It is all a part, I think, of the agenda of the AAP, the UN, and the Healthy people 2020 (see documents on my other blogs about this agenda) agenda in which they want 100% vaccination regardless of whether you are opting out because a family member had a near death experience.

The ultimate goal is for every person including adults who are not up to date on vaccines to be shot up with the chemicals that are causing brain damage, paralysis, cancers, and death. Why would anyone submit themselves and their children to this knowing that it causes those types of problems regardless of how much they try to dispute it? Why would you want to force someone to get a medical procedure and hope they don’t come after you to get a mandatory medical procedure later on?

Did you know that people had fewer outbreaks of measles BEFORE the vaccines were even administered? Most people are told that the vaccine eradicated the measles, but the numbers don’t support that…if you look at the graph put out by the CDC itself, you can see that they are not truthful about the vaccine being what lowered the rate of infections…

No photo description available.

If they aren’t truthful about that, what else are they not truthful about? To be fully informed, you must look at where the money comes from, who benefits the most in the push for vaccines, the package inserts which no parent actually gets at the doctors offices, look up the chemicals in the vaccines and how dangerous they are, but most of all, look at the stories coming from parents who had their children disabled or worse die within hours or days of getting the vaccines…don’t believe us, just look at this payout..over $4 billion dollars for vaccine injuries and deaths…

You can’t even sue the vaccine manufacturers when your child is injured or killed by those same vaccines that are suppose to protect them. The reason is that they were getting sued so much that they told the US Government that if they didn’t get immunity from being sued they would stop making vaccines….so are vaccines really needed or is it just guaranteed money for them?

I hope and pray that no one ever tries to force you or yours to get a medical procedure like sterilization, circumcision, or any other procedure( has already happened in the US) that you would not want to have done when the science is still so sketchy on it and different ones are pulled all the time. Look at regular medicines like blood pressure meds, heart pills, anti-acids, hernia mesh, and so many others that have been used for years and are just now being pulled because they are killing people or injuring them and they were studied better than vaccines are. Would you want to be forced to continue to take them even knowing they could kill you? That is your right to refuse them, just as it IS a parents right to refuse vaccines they don’t feel safe with and it should remain their right.

Senator Robert Foley said that this first child died after the routine vaccines and he refuses to vaccinate his other children with that same vaccine because he doesn’t want them to die. video Senator Robert Foley on the Death of his Daughter Following the Pertussis vaccine

However, he can’t get a medical exemption for them as it is still recommended that they get the vaccine…does that make any sense to anyone…you already killed one of my children, but go ahead and poison the others too …hopefully they will live…NO… we would be doing everything in our power to keep our children safe.

My thought is that those who have gotten the vaccines should be the ones that are prohibited from going to school for 30 days as the vaccines shed (MMRII) and they will be shedding the virus to anyone they come in contact with, so that the vaccine strain measles is spread further.

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