“This Naval War Ship, USS FT McHenry, has been wandering the Persian Gulf for three months, unable to dock due to a galloping mumps outbreak caused by Merck’s MMR va$$ine. The ship is likely to spend many more months adrift since naval regulations require full quarantine for 50 days after the last case and new infections appear every week, with 27 cases to date among the ship’s 700 fully va$$inated marines and sailors.
In order to qualify for a government granted MMR monopoly, FDA required Merck to prove that each MMR component had a 95% efficacy. The Mumps component stalled out at 69% and efficacy quickly wained. Mumps is a harmless disease in childhood but very dangerous for adults. Merck knew that such an anemic immune response, rather than preventing mumps, would simply delay outbreaks until older age when mumps can cause grave injuries including sterility. Nevertheless, Merck ordered its scientists to spike human blood samples with rabbit antibodies to fool regulators, and when that didn’t work, to falsify lab results. Merck got its monopoly and now a generation of college kids and soldiers are suffering dangerous mumps outbreaks. My niece at Penn currently has mumps and the disease has devastated fully va$$inated populations at Harvard, Temple, Syracuse, Louisiana State, IU, U of Missouri and many others. Not wanting to embarrass Merck, the press doesn’t cover these epidemics — which have infected more than 9,000 young adults over two years — focusing instead on a tiny handful of measles outbreaks affecting a few dozen children, which can be leveraged to mandate Merck’s dangerous MMR for all Americans. Those bills doom the next generation to continual adult onset mumps infections. Corrupt regulators and easily gulled legislators are all dancing according to Mercks choreography. Ironically, national security concerns lead to waiver of rigorous prelicensing safety testing for all va$$ines. Now that policy is coming back to bite our military.” (quote from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. facebook page)



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