Senator in WA state spells it out so clearly..

.we must retain personal exemptions

No I know that the bill as amended to give an edge of past recommendation and referred to the rules to many there any discussion and Rivers.
Thank you Madam Chair You know I this has been really murky I just hold up the C.D.C. website and I found some interesting information one of the things that I found was in the year that it was supposedly eradicated there were eighty six cases of measles in the United States.
I dish and only the Thank you to Greg for getting me the information.
The C.D.C. very clearly outlines that the siblings of children or the children of people who have had an adverse vaccination experience should not be forced to get the M.M.R. vaccine so I guess you know facts are tricky things and studies are tricky things because you can find something to say anything that you want to say but.
We have to stay completely rooted in what we know we all heard well those of us who showed up for the hearing all heard the stories of some of these very people out here whose children experienced severe reactions I mean the reality is the federal government has paid out four billion dollars four billion dollars to the families of children who have experienced these adverse reactions we are in a time of highly individualized health care.
People are savvy enough to know what their children’s D.N.A. reports say when they work with a physician these are very physicians who.
Are instructing people that maybe vaccination isn’t best for their child sometimes more forcefully than others know and they are not excited about having this mechanism removed why they report to me that they’re concerned about Department of Health and other licensing organizations coming down on them so I don’t really know what the big rush is the in break in Clark County was limited to one community this bill will do nothing just like it didn’t in the other states that have this law will do nothing to present to prevent a measles outbreak so I think that for us to rush into this so we can thump our chests and say that we’ve you know done this amazing thing is really a dicey strategy because I don’t think it’s going to move public health forward at all I wish that we could come up with something that would work senator Becker’s bill that talked about physicians educating them we had all the physicians up here who never were given information by Department of Health or instructed that this was their responsibility.
We heard from them that while they may counsel their patients they’ve never received any official notification that they about how they should do it or have been given materials and resources to do it so.
It’s really a difficult thing when we’re taking away parental rights to be able to vote yes with a smile on my face.
There will be those who say this is a joyous day in Washington state but you know what this is a really sad day because we are taking away the rights of parents to make a very important decision and perhaps signing a death warrant for some of these kids who don’t who shouldn’t have this for medical reasons you could say we’re leaving the medical exemption The problem is if doctors don’t want to use it because they worry about severe repercussions then what’s the point of having it so I just I just especially because of the amendment the striker today I can’t see my way clear to supporting this and.
And hope that others will join me thank you it’s an additional discussion Senator Becker thank you Madam Chair.
I’ve been on this committee sense my first day here and I started in two thousand and nine and this discussion was going on at that point in time man and chair when you talk about what’s the best thing in the United States it’s about our personal freedoms and when we in Washington State think that herd mentality is more important than our personal freedoms I think we’ve lost sight of who what we’re doing here I have often said that you don’t write legislation based upon fear and fear is nothing but fear of fear itself.
And when I look at this bill and our fear mongering because we’ve had an outbreak in that one area that Senator Rivers.
Brought up does not justify forcing people to do things with their bodies and their children’s bodies that they don’t want to do I think it was really interesting when we brought up if these children can’t go to school yet it’s our constitutional duty to send our children to school what are we doing that’s a pretty mixed message from my perspective but when Senator Rivers referred to my bill that I wrote in two thousand and fifteen it was Act In acted in two thousand and sixteen and I question it in those that have you that were here it was not the nicest exchange but it was an exchange that needed to happen where that bill actually told instructed under Washington State law the Department of Health to provide information to providers nothing else in that bill to providers of those that of those parents in their tune in their child bearing times.
Madam press chair we heard from the Department of Health and we heard from doctors that the Department of Health said that we didn’t fund it but they have had four years three years actually to come forward and say we need some money to do what you have asked for in this bill but did they come no they didn’t come this is an easy way this is an easy way this isn’t addressing what they consider a problem personal point of choice should never be a problem.
I’M SHAKING I am so angry that this bill is before us I happen to feel that it’s my choice if I want to give my kids or encourage my daughters with their kids to give in immunizations that’s their choice it’s not my job to tell them what to do in that and I may sound very strong on this but I feel very strongly if we pass this bill and we say this isn’t important enough for the parent to be involved what’s the next thing what is the next thing that we’re going to say oh we need mentality herd mentality and we’ll do this we’ll do this we’ll do this you know I went to sue fall South Dakota a few years ago Madam Chair that I went to a genetic testing company it’s a private company and they do genetic testing as early as it can at the parents’ request those parents are asking for that genetic testing and that company is holding that in a very secure way but they’re able to actually look at what are the high health problem indicators for that child early on it seems to me that we’re always fighting the battle from the backward side of it we should be looking at how can we look at these things and and provide the best care for the patient with the best knowledge and without fear the so without being said I will be a no a very strong no on this bill. Watch video of debate here>

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