Who is Stanley Plotkin, why does it matter?

So who is Stanley Plotkin and why does it matter? Well according to Wikipedia (see below) Stanley Plotkin is a much respected doctor whom others look to for information and he created the Rubella vaccine as well as the Rotavirus vaccine. So when he says in the following videos how they used monkeys, mice, cow, and human aborted fetus cells to create vaccines and the issues that vaccines can cause, you should listen. This is one of the inventors telling about the vaccines, and sure they will always spin it to their benefit. How much do they get off the vaccine creation, which will be a story for another time. Today, we will focus on the deposition that Stanley gave (UNDER OATH), those videos are listed below. Please take the time to watch them all.

I find it extremely interesting when he talks about using aborted fetus cells in the vaccines. A great many people use the argument that the aborted fetus cells came from a fetus in the 60s and no new fetuses are being used in the manufacture of vaccines. However, while watching the first video you will hear Stanley Plotkin say that aborted fetus cells for the vaccines are only good for 50 years…although it wasn’t said, that would mean that they have had to (in the last decade) obtain more fetus cells in order to REFRESH the supply. A lot of people give that as a reason they don’t agree with religious exemptions against the vaccine, but if they are still using fresh babies (I don’t think of them as fetuses, but as babies because they have a heartbeat already which can be heard at least by 6 weeks), then religious exemptions cannot be done away with.

In regards to personal of philosophical exemptions, those must remain for the mere fact that doctors are now being persecuted for giving medical exemptions. I found that my child having had seizures and being hospitalized for a weeks, and my grandchild having seizures and being hospitalized for a week, will not get them out of being “required” to get vaccines. It would only eliminate the MMR vaccine for them. Even though the other vaccines with toxic chemicals would be required for them to go to school or day care, and if some states pass the laws they want to, it would keep them locked up like prisoners even though they are not the ones who are sick and passing along the disease. The fact is that vaccines shed the viruses they are suppose to “immunize” you too. So in fact, those who are getting the MMRII and other vaccines are shedding that live virus for almost 30 days, which is why it is recommended not to go around anyone pregnant, immuno-compromised, or newborn babies for 28 days, because you will give them the vaccine strain of the disease. The only way to get immunity to any disease is to actually get the disease, which is why vaccines require boosters every few years.

Yes, they are 9 hours of testimony, but I think regardless of whether you support vaccine choice and parental rights to choose, or you are fighting to retain those rights, you really need to watch them all. You can’t fight the fight without the education.

Stanley Alan Plotkin (born May 12, 1932[1]) is an American physician who works as a consultant to vaccine manufacturers, such as Sanofi Pasteur, as well as biotechnology firms, non-profits and governments. In the 1960s, he played a pivotal role in discovery of a vaccine against rubella virus while working at Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. Plotkin was a member of Wistar’s active research faculty from 1960 to 1991. Today, in addition to his emeritus appointment at Wistar, he is emeritus professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. His book, “Vaccines”,[2][3] is the standard reference on the subject.[4][5] He is an editor with Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, which is published by the American Society for Microbiology in Washington, D.C..

Wikipedia, accessed 04/05/2019

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH! – Part 1/9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGDNsqk0KR0

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 2

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 3

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 4

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 5

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 6

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 7

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 8

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines, UNDER OATH Part 9

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