“It’s about the role of government in our lives”

” The anti-vaccine controversy isn’t really about disease, public health, science, autism, or chronic illness. It’s not even about vaccines.
It’s about the role of government in our lives
As parents face off and hurl epithets, colossal special interests are having a field day codifying a set of laws that are systematically and comprehensively taking away our fundamental rights. It’s a massive overreach.
Will you grant government bureaucrats carte blanche to define and ultimately direct the education and welfare of your children across a broad spectrum of issues, and to allow your children to be taken away if you do not comply?
Yes, that’s exactly what this is about. “

Louise Kuo Habakus, https://kellybroganmd.com/how-the-anti-vaccine-movement-threatens-us-all/?fbclid=IwAR0HtHpas-36JMQlZ8OvMACS3zBTNlzHobJN4dRQ-HP8hqo_HOp_ZMSaGHg

I came across this article today that put into simple terms the very reason there is even a debate about whether a person has the right to choose or not to choose to vaccinate their children with every single dose currently on the CDC’s recommendations list and the 200+ vaccines that are currently in the works to add to the vaccines, such as the AIDS vaccines, the Ebola vaccine, etc. Things that we may not feel our family needs, but if we don’t have the choice of whether to get them or not, we will be forced to have them by a tyrannical system where the only ones who benefit are the manufacturers, the CDC, and their “stakeholders”.

You see, right now they are trying to turn us all against each other, so that the (pro- vaccine for everyone) moms and dads are demanding that those who want to limit the vaccines and chemicals their children (pro-choice for everyone) and themselves are exposed to, be forced to vaccinate their children or face penalties, jail, or have their children taken away. What they don’t realize is that when they give up everyone’s rights to refuse for any reason, you are telling the government that they own us and that you are willing to do anything that the government demands even if you think it is morally, religiously, or ethically wrong. You can’t take away one persons rights and retain your rights, that is not how it works. Once they get those who don’t vaccinate, they will come after you and force you to get all those vaccines that you haven’t gotten since you were a child. No need for you to worry about the amount of chemicals in them that can potentially kill you or your children, cause they can’t be held liable if you die…no other drug or device on the market has such free reign. Vaccines (if mandated) are the only chemicals that you can’t control your exposure to and the only one that you can’t sue the manufacturer for if you die or your child dies.

Did you know that the majority of vaccines list SIDS as an adverse reaction? Ever wonder why there are so many babies dying from SIDS death compared to decades ago? There is your answer.

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