Bill to Force You to Be Vaccinated With Aborted Babies.


The federal government is currently trying to pass a bill into law that would take away the rights of parents to choose which vaccines, if any that they get for their child.  What they plan on doing is if the states do not take away the parental and religious exemptions and only allow the couple of reason the CDC says are valid reasons for not doing one particular vaccine, they will cut federal funding to the state.  This is coercion make no mistake about it and states will fall in line just because they are already short on funds. 

The ones pushing this agenda don’t care that vaccines such as the Chickenpox, MMR, etc., are made with aborted babies. Nor do they care that there has been billions(over $4 Billion) paid out to parents whose kids have died or been disabled because of these vaccines.  The companies that make the vaccines can’t even be sued when your kid dies.  As per the “H.R.5546 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986“. In what world is it OK for a company to threaten to slow production on something if the federal government doesn’t keep them from getting sued? 

The point is that with vaccines containing aborted babies, why would we, as God’s messengers allow them to put these into our babies?  How can we be against abortion yet allow them to kill a baby and use it to make vaccines for our kids…There is something VERY ethically wrong with this. 

We must press our Representative, Congressman/Congresswoman, Senators, and Governors, etc, to oppose this bill. 

Please pass this on to everyone in your circle, your church, work, etc. and let us make sure our pastors, rabbis’, ministers, fathers, etc, know that this is going on.  Some religions are saying it is OK because the babies were aborted in the 60’s, however, most don’t know there was a three month old aborted in 2015 to replace the old ones and she was specifically chosen because of criteria needed in order to make the vaccines.

Once they take away the right for children to avoid being injected with these poisonous vaccines, they are coming after the adults.  They will force all adults to be completely up to date on the vaccines, which right now stand at 72 doses.  However, there are over 100 more in the pipeline to be released including HIV, Ebola and Zika.  If you want more information on the truth behind vaccines, how they disable and kill our kids, and which vaccines contain aborted babies, you can go to @families4vaccinechoice from any search engine or wordpress,  and there are many articles there about this very subject.

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