2015 Was the Latest Aborted Baby to Be Used For Creating Vaccines.

” ““This may be the biggest lie ever told to the American public and the world at large,” said Mrs. Vinnedge. “Not only have there been hundreds of abortions directly involved with vaccine research – specifically for that purpose where they altered abortion methods to obtain intact fetal organs , but we are now seeing more and more abortions for fetal research and new cell lines emerging for viral vaccine cultivation.”
While Children of God for Life has been trying to expose these truths for the past 15 years , those warnings are now ringing startling accurate as evidenced with the recent Planned Parenthood videos that have emerged through the Center for Medical Progress, (CMP) showing how live, fully intact fetuses have been harvested for aborted fetal research.
And while Planned Parenthood has tried to claim the videos are doctored and they have done nothing wrong, in reality the facts supporting the CMP evidence is not only damning it has been fully documented in numerous science publications on vaccine research for the past 85 years.” “

Cog For Life, 2015

Some religions it appears do not oppose vaccines made with aborted fetus cells because they were aborted in the 60’s and the cells are being replicated. However, most don’t realize that a three month old fetus was used in 2015 to make the latest line of vaccines. She gave her life unwillingly because as they put it, ” met all of these criteria and proved to be the best cell line”. How saw that the perfect specimen of human life was ripped from the womb and then taken to create a product that is injected into our babies.

” We obtained 9 fetuses through rigorous screening based on carefully specified inclusion criteria (see Methods section). TheWalvax-2 strain of cells met all of these criteria and proved to be the best cell line following careful evaluation. Therefore it was used for establishing a human diploid cell strain. “

Bo Ma, Li-Fang He, Yi-Li Zhang, Min Chen, Li-Li Wang, Hong-Wei Yang, Ting Yan, Meng-Xiang Sun & Cong-Yi Zheng (2015)
Characteristics and viral propagation properties of a new human diploid cell line, walvax-2, and its suitability as a candidate cell substrate for vaccine production, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 11:4, 998-1009, DOI: 10.1080/21645515.2015.1009811

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