Support religious and personal exemptions from vaccines that harm and kill our families.

Since the National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 has allowed more unsafe vaccine to be created, which gives vaccine manufacturers complete immunity from ever being sued by the families of those who were injured or died from the vaccine, as the manufacturer wanted relief from all their lawsuits over injuries and deaths. Since the National Vaccine Injury Compensation court has paid out over $4 BILLION dollars for injuries and deaths, since some vaccines are created using “harvested” fetuses cells from babies that were aborted the last one in 2015 who was delivered via “bag method” so they have viable specimens to work with, since people who don’t support abortions have a religious or ethical reason to not vaccinate, we demand exemptions to support our 1st and 4th amendment and moral rights.

Please sign and then comment here is you wish. Lets show the federal government that our rights whether it be for religious or personal, moral, or other beliefs shall not be ignored….get as many signatures as you can….thanks.


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