What do John D. Rockefeller and Rev. Gates have in common?

Rockefeller Medicine  Men  Medicine and Capitalism in America”  

I find it very interesting that in today’s society people are pushing the agenda that the only way to fight infectious disease such as measles, mumps, polio, etc is with vaccine.  However if you look at the writings of Rev. Gates and John D. Rockefeller (yes the same family that funded both sides of WWII), they admit in 1975 that this is not the case at all.  The following quotes came a book titled, Rockefeller Medicine  Men  Medicine and Capitalism in America”  

In reahty, “he observed, “the monstrous specter of infection had become but a nen feebled shadow of its former self by the time serums, vaccines, and drugs became available to combat microbes.” “Improvements in general living and working conditions as well as sanitation, all brought about by labor struggles and social reform movements, are most responsible for improved health status.“

“By 1975 the infant death rate had fallen to sixteen per 1,000 live births –less than one-ninth the rate in 1900. And the death rates of young children have similarly dechned. Improved housing, nutrition, water supplies and waste disposal, pasteurization of milk, and the virtual limination of child labor(except for migrant farm workers) drastically cut the spread of infectious diseases and enabled children’s bodies to resist them.”


Note all spelling is a direct copy from the book, no changes were made on my part.

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