The whole debate on vaccines isn’t about a bunch of “scared” parents…

The whole debate on vaccines isn’t about a bunch of “scared” parents, it is about the right for those who have an injured family member to protect the rest of the family and for others to protect their children from vaccine injury and death. Did you know that in most states in order to get a medical exemption from the vaccines, you have be in position where you almost died from the vaccine the first time. If you haven’t had a vaccine yet, but your sibling almost died from it, you are not given a medical exemption. Therefore, if your older sibling dies from a reaction to a vaccine, you can’t get the exemption. Therefore, the parents only option is to protect the children with a personal exemption to the vaccines.
The other issue in this debate is that in way is it right for the government, either state or federal, to force a medical procedure on someone. This is exactly what happens when you are not fully informed of the chemicals in the vaccines, the number of participants in the study alone who were injured or died, and the possibility or statistics that it could happen to your children.
Think about this, in the studies themselves, there may only be 1% of the “participants” that died from the vaccine. However that is among probably a minuscule number of participants. So let’s say that 100 kids were injected and 1 of those died. If you consider that there are currently 329.6712 Million in the US alone, this would mean that 3,300,000 people would die from the vaccine in the US alone. What would you want done if it was your child that was killed by the many toxic ingredients in vaccines. Did you know you have no options? You can’t sue the pharmaceutical companies because they were getting sued for vaccine injuries and deaths so much that they threatened the US government that they were going to quit making vaccines if the government didn’t protect them. So the federal government in 1986 created National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program “provide financial compensation to individuals who file a petition and are found to have been injured by a VICP-covered vaccine.” and it has already paid out over 4 billion dollars in compensation for those injuries and deaths.
If the states and federal government are allowed to take away the right to choose which vaccines you want to allow you and your children to get, where will it stop? This would be giving up your rights to refuse any medical treatment that you didn’t deem to be essential for your health. Don’t think it won’t happen, cause it already is. There was a case in Florida where a single mother decided that she didn’t want to get her son circumcised as she didn’t think it was medically necessary. She and her ex-husband disagreed on the matter and he took her to court to force her to get it done. You would think that it would be her decision, however, the Florida judge ruled in favor of the husband and FORCED the boy to be circumcised at the age of 4 years old.
Did you know that vaccines were tested on orphans, mentally ill, and indigent. Not to mention they were purposely given to more black people in hopes they could “rid the world” of the less desirables. That was back in the early 1900’s before the civil rights movement.
Here is a link to 9 hours of testimony from Stanley Plotkin, “Stanley Alan Plotkin (born May 12, 1932 ) is an American physician who works as a consultant to vaccine manufacturers, such as Sanofi Pasteur, as well as biotechnology firms, non-profits and governments. In the 1960s, he played a pivotal role in discovery of a vaccine against rubella virus while working at Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. Plotkin was a member of Wistar’s active research faculty from 1960 to 1991. Today, in addition to his emeritus appointment at Wistar, he is emeritus professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. His book, “Vaccines”, is the standard reference on the subject” (wikipedia) , who admits this among other travesties involved in “testing” vaccines, from using aborted baby cells, African Green monkey kidney cells, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, cow DNA, mouse DNA, and other DNA and toxic chemicals that are currently inside all vaccines. I suggest that before you blow off the concern of families who want to maintain the right to choose for their families, you watch this testimony and then read the book, “Emerging Viruses AIDS and Ebola” about who inside the government and drug companies were responsible. or watch his video. Both links are here…

Stanley Plotkin depostion…

Emerging Viruses AIDS and Ebola http://…/judge-orders-4-year-old-to-…/

Please forward to your state Representatives, Senator, Governors, and Congressman/Congresswoman. It is vitally important they understand the severity of what is going on.

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