Vaccine Injury story of the day.

Vaccine Injury story of the day…👇🏻👇🏻😢
This is what a vaccine injured infant looks like. This is why I am a vaccine safety advocate.

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Bobby’s parents said,
“My 4 month old son was perfectly fine before he had his 2nd lot of vaccines back in July 2016. He was given the meningococcal vaccine at 4 months old which is meant for 10-25 year olds. That very same night, he started having stomach pains, night terrors, tremors and seizures, and now has to suffer these every day. His life has been ruined because of this grave medical mistake.
We are taking the doctors, nurses and health visitors to court to get justice not just for Bobby but on behalf of every child that has been maimed by vaccines. They are meant to help but often they do not and they are ruining baby’s lives before they even start. Is this fair? Don’t help if you don’t want to but let people have their say and tell their truth. We are only basing our actions on what we see has happened to our son, not what the manufacturers say, but what we see for ourselves and how Bobby changed ON THAT DAY. How can people say vaccines are harmless, I don’t know but if a child gets a vaccine and the same night starts having seizures then something has happened somewhere. My son was fine 10 mins before his vaccines so I’ll leave it for the educated people to decide.
We also need help to get my son the treatment and answers he deserves. This needs to stop and it’s starts here with my son. We have set up a GoFundMe page not for just him but every baby that has been hurt, If one case wins at court then the gates will be open and a precedent will be set. They know this, so we need to do this not for ourselves but for all children who deserve a proper fair and healthy life.
Please help anyway you can, send advice which will also go a long way.
Let’s get this to court, get it out in the public eye and end this madness before another child loses their life. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
Bobby’s mum and dad

Yea…. and they wanted to take custody and remove the child for not continuing immunizations. The boys father supposedly had a gun for protection (illegal in his country), which he denied and they said illegal narcotics (which as I understood was hemp and cbd for the child) so upon returning they arrested him.
Sentenced to 3 years and government took his kid as I understand it. The mother is still fighting and He is still in prison… you can all write to him.

Thanks to Living With Common Sense for sharing this story.

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